Resonance Therapy and Resonance Healing:

elegantly finding the right tool for the right person at the right time and the right place.

Recommendation Letters


Folks, Dr. 
Sierra Levy, N.D., L..Ac., who teaches this class, is the best healer I have ever found, by a wide margin, and I have known many. I have been dedicatedly focused on and diligently following the path of natural healing since 1969, and found profound healing for intractable physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions. Dr. Levy was the most helpful of all the healers whom I worked with. I have known Dr. Levy since 1988, and have seen her grow in compassion and wisdom and effectiveness in all she does. Her effectiveness is rooted in her love and her deep trust of and empowerment of each individual's inner wisdom. This class is so deep and so good I cannot find words to describe it. I recommend it. The tools I learned from her have become part of me in ways that are of immeasurable value.

Pamela Melcher

April 2010

“As a seasoned LMFT and LPC with years of experience  in EP, I was
thrilled to find a meta-system that coordinates and streamlines the process
of treatment, as well as deepens and broadens the applications of all
modalities. My clients report the efficacy of this model by rapid decrease
in distressing symptoms, but more importantly, substantial increases in
security, self appreciation and joy. As a practitioner, I have moved from
career to calling,  my confidence is boosted using the Resonance Therapy
Map, and my caseload contains more ideal clients because I follow the
Resonance Therapy process for myself and my practice.  I highly recommend
this course to clinicians who are serious about increasing light and joy
for themselves, their clients and this planet!”

Tabatha Bird Weaver, LPC, LMFT

April 2010

I’ve always been interested in learning new skills and learning how to
apply the skills I already have in a new way.  The simple, elegant protocols in
Resonance Therapy – particularly the concepts of “Stretch” and “The
Intuitive Physician”—brought a whole new dimension to my practice as an
energy healer and blended nicely with the knowledge I already had.  Take the
course and grow!

Steven (Bo) O’Dell, LCSW. BCD, C.Ht.

August 21, 2008

To whom it may concern:

I have known Sierra for 14 years. Sierra is a gifted teacher and health care provider with an enormous amount of knowledge in the energy psychology  and energy medicine field. She has spent many years and seminars growing her knowledge from which she elegantly developed Resonance Therapy™ and Resonance Healing™.  Resonance Therapy™ and Resonance Healing™ encompass an infinite variety of tools and one can incorporate any other modality or treatment one has previously learned. It is an amazing system that is wonderfully simple yet efficient and effective in getting to the underlying cause and addressing the concern. It aides the provider in quickly discovering the best intervention which can be applied readily.

I highly recommend Resonance Therapy™ and Resonance Healing™ to anyone, either health care professional, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, medical doctors, massage therapist, energy worker who would like to use help clients or general public who would like to help themselves. It is a very thorough complete system!

As a naturopathic physician and midwife it has enhanced my practice and has helped me move hurdles with clients who I thought would not heal. Clients have been happily amazed at the results. Personally, Resonance Therapy™ has helped me on all many levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In my first treatment it cleared up a chronic case of eczema in one phone session! One client with chronic allergies said it is a Godsend and she took the six day course herself.

Please call me if you have any further questions. I can be reached at 607-42-2087.


Jeanette Kleger, ND, RM



Attatched is a flyer for an awesome workshop my sister does.  I was wondering if you might know any one to pass it along too?  I did the workshop a few years ago...amazing stuff.  She teaches people how to help heal themselves and others.

Love ya,


September 30, 2004

 To Whom ItMay Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Sierra Levy, ND.  Sierra would be an asset as apresenter for many types of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine.  She brings a strong knowledge of the many layers of energy on and around the body and how to communicate both through muscle testing and reading the energy field.   She has a strong passion and affinity for this type of work, which comes to light as she works with clients and teaches.

Sierra has been my mentor for the last year and a half.  She was able to help me build my skills by breaking down barriers I had to using those modalities to their fullest potential.  My ability to work in this field successfully is directly related to working with Sierra.

I recently took her seminar on Resonance Therapy.  She was able to work with people who had never taken any Energy Psychology/Medicine while at the same time teaching subtle nuances and ways to enhance the modalities to seasoned practitioners.  I would highly recommend Sierra to anyone wanting supervision to learn or enhance his or her current skills.  Any class/seminar Sierra teaches will benefit anyone who takes it.  She is GREAT!


Deb Rodgers, MSW.LCSW

September28, 2004

ACEP PO Box 910244 San Diego, CA 92191-0244

ToWhom It May Concern:

I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Sierra L. Levy N.D. as an ACEP Trainer and Presenter. Dr. Levy is a credibly sound practitioner trained extensively in Energy medicine, Chinese medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and Energy psychology.  She has taken this vast knowledge and developed Resonance Therapy. Resonance Therapy is a must for any Energy medicine/ psychology practitioner who has a toolbox filled with different modalities. One can learn to navigate through when to use what for their client’s or self’s deepest and highest good.  It works astoundingly fast, save and effective.  Her client’s personal transformations are reflected in her successful practice.

In July of 2003 I purchased Dr. Sierra L. Levy’s busy Portland Oregon based Naturopathic Medicine Practice.  I attended Dr. Levy’s summer of 2003 class on “How to become an Intuitive Healer”.   This September 2004, I attended Dr. Levy’s “ Resonance Therapy” workshop.  As a motivational presenter, teacher and cheerleader, she has synthesized her vast knowledge into a user friendly organized notebook.  One can take these flow charts and begin using Resonance therapy Monday morning!

I am impressed with how energetically clean Dr. Levy is. She credits those whose theories, research, and methods she has studied.  Ego is checked at the door. Her passion and love for her work shines through all that she shares.  Dr. Levy only has two hands, thus it’s time to instruct other gifted healers to heal the earth.


Dr. Julie Pendleton, ND

Naturopathic Physician